Beautiful NARA

NARA is one of the popular sightseeing spots in Japan.
It is famous for a lot of historical and cultural spots.

Nara was a capital of Japan about 1,400 ~ 1,300 years ago.
There are many historical buildings, statues and spots,
so that Nara has The World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO.

  World Heritage Sites in Nara
  • Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area 
  • Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara
  • Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range
We can enjoy beautiful sceneries in each season.

Please visit and feel the Japanese Traditional Culture and History.

More Tourism Information (sightseeing spots, events, etc.) is
 available at Nara Tourism Information.

If you are in Osaka and Kyoto, it is possible to visit Nara for a day trip.
(It takes about or less than one hour by train to go Nara.)
You can see around enough even if you only have one day for here.
Of course there are more places to visit for a few days.

Why don't you spend a part of your trip days in Nara??

                                                      Kofukuji in Winter                                                                 Horyuji

Getting to Nara

   From Osaka sta.
        By JR, it takes about 60 min.
   From Kyoto sta.
        By JR, it takes about 50 min.
        By Kintetsu railway, it takes about 40 min. by express.
   From Kobe (Sannomiya sta.)
        By Hanshin railway, it takes about 90 min. by rapid express.
   From Tokyo
        By bullet train (Shinkansen), please come to Kyoto.
        From Kyoto, please follow above details.
        By plain, there is a highway bus from Kansai International Airport and Osaka Internatinal Airport.